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Below is the calendar of all Events hosted by Bevolley Academy from August 2019 to July 2020. 


Calendar 2019/2020


-SATURDAY PLAY -Fall Members Only- September 7th Click for Info

-INTEREST MEETING -Open to All- September 15th Click for Info 

-INTEREST MEETING -Open to All- September 29th Click for Info 

-COLORFEST TOURNAMENT -Open to All- October 13th Click for Info

-SATURDAY PLAY -Club Members Only- November 16th Click for Info

-FRIDAY FUN -Club Members Only- December 6th Click for Info

-SATURDAY PLAY -Club Members Only- January 11th Click for Info

-SHOWCASE TOURNAMENT-Open to All- January 19 Click for Info

-SHOWCASE CLINIC -Open to All- January 20 Click for Info

-SHOWCASE CLUB vs CLUB- Open to All- January 20&21 Click for Info

-SATURDAY PLAY-Club Members Only- February 1st Click for Info

-SATURDAY PLAY -Club Members Only- February 29th Click for Info

-SATURDAY PLAY -Club Members Only- April 4th Click for Info

-FRIDAY FUN -Club Members Only-  April 9th Click for Info

-SATURDAY PLAY-Summer Members Only- May 16th Click for Info

-SATURDAY PLAY -Summer Members Only- June 13th Click for Info

-SUMMER BASH TOURNAMENT-Open to All- June TBD Click for Info

-SUMMER BASH CLINIC-Open to All- June TBD Click for Info

-SUMMER GAMES -Summer Members Only- June 5th Click for Info