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BVCA Club Series  


Welcome to the 2020 BVCA National Club Series. Now in our second year, we are bringing the top clubs and talent together in the USA in a bold new format – moving juniors beach club volleyball into the future and the college beach volleyball format.

BVCA Event Rules for 2020

Format Each beach club will bring a ‘Squad” of teams (3) They will be ranked 1,2,3. The 1 ranked team is the beach clubs’ best team. The series will emulate the college game, where the 1vs1, 2vs2, 3vs3 in match play. The win is awarded to the club that wins 2 of the 3 matches. Coaching will be allowed for beach club coaches, and we will follow NCAA rules

Each event is 2 days. Pool play 1st day, Playoffs 2nd.

3 teams (squad) per group Best 2 of 3 Matches wins the Duel All Matches Throughout.
1 Timeout/1 Technical per Game

Age Groups:(each squad consists of 3 teams with NO age divisions based on DOB)

Division 1 is the best players that represent the club. I am assuming they are the beach clubs

committed players or play at a very high level.

Division 2 are the beach clubs’ younger players and or older girls that just are still being

developed and can’t compete at Division 1

Division 3 (middle school players only. 6th, 7th, 8th graders

BVCA Series Points Awardedpage1image3387155936

1st- 1000 2nd- 800
3rd – 600
4th - 500
5th – 400
7th - 300
9th- 200 Participant – 100

The Top 16 beach clubs (Division 1) will qualify to play in the National

Championship on July 15 and 16th in Hermosa Beach

Seeds for Regular season (after 1st 4 events) and Championships will be based on Regular season points


  • Coaches are allowed to coach during crossovers (walk and talk) while athletes are moving (6 seconds).

  • Coaches are allowed to coach during Time-Outs

  • Coaches May Suggest Timeouts.

  • Coaches are expected to be professional at all times. Coaches must wear appropriate

    apparel – No Tank Tops (Males), no Bikini Bottoms or Tops. Male Coaches must wear


  • Coaches may not approach a referee or ask questions of a referee. A pair’s captain

    must speak to referee if any questions arise.

  • If coaches are found getting involved in referee calls, that coach will be asked to leave

    the match.

  • If a coach has a question about a call, that coach must go to tournament director after

    the game.

    Player Rules

  • All Players must play for your beach club!

  • Players Cannot be claimed by any other club and participate on any of your teams.

    Player Must be currently playing for your club and no other club. All players

    representing a beach club must be a member of that beach club. No rental of players.

  • Beach clubs can only have 1 player that lives out of state or lives more than 100 miles

    away from training area on a squad. We are promoting growing the sport regionally and please have the integrity to register your own players


Each player must have club representation identified by name or logo on a top, or a pair of shorts, or a tank top, or a tattoo. We want to be able to look at the court and be able to see your players wearing your name or logo on at least 1 item.

Injuries Line-Ups and Substitutions

  • Each Team may bring a substitute player and insert that player into the lineup per match.

  • Line Ups are set before every match by Coach and/or Team Captain. We recommend that the NCAA scoresheet be used every match. Every score sheet has “flight number” that can be recorded for the match.

  • Teams/players may be moved up or down one spot from previous match, and substitute player may be inserted anywhere in the line-up as long as they were out of the line-up the previous match.

  • Line-Ups must be verified and signed by each coach/ or squad Captain before each match.

  • If there is a line-up protest – it must be brought up to the tournament director before the match is played.

  • If a protest is issued and seen as valid, clubs will have an opportunity to change their lineup for the match. It is up to the tournament director to hear both sides and decide on the protest and decide the teams flight 1-3.

  • Line-Ups should be in order of 1-3 with a Club’s Teams Ranked Strongest to Weakest.

  • This is on a club director to follow this rule.

  • If the tournament director feels like this is being violated or is continually being skirted -

    the BVCA reserves the right to have a conference with the Club Director and take

    appropriate action to preserve the integrity of the Club Challenge System.

  • If there is an Injury during the game – the team will forfeit that match and then

    Substitute can be inserted for next Match.

  • If a team has no substitute – a team can borrow a player from another club to play the

    match– but forfeits that seed and match.